Meraldine & Khorn’s Engagement Session (Old Sacramento)

Guess who are getting married this weekend that I am over the moon for?


Meraldine and Khorn are getting married this weekend!!!!!!! And I am so excited to share pictures from their engagement session in Old Sac with you.


OldSacEngagementPhotos-12OldSacEngagementPhotos-8 OldSacEngagementPhotos-17OldSacEngagementPhotos-7

During the consultation, we talked about their vision for their engagement photos. The bride-to-be told me she really likes to brick and rustic look. So we decided that Old Sac would be the perfect location for their engagement photos.


Meraldine told me before the session that she is not a smiley person. That’s just how she is due to the nature of her work. But I bet you wouldn’t know just from looking at these photos, can you? For all she did was laughed and laughed during the whole session.


OldSacEngagementPhotos-31 OldSacEngagementPhotos-32

You can’t tell here but we went to Old Sac on a Saturday afternoon to take engagement photos and it was sooooooo busy!!! At times, we had to wait for people to pass by before taking a shot, then wait a little bit more to change pose and shoot again. Then some people stopped a bit to watch us take photos, which made it a big awkward but we didn’t care. We were in our own little world, me laughing my butt off while screaming at Khorn to

“kiss her! kiss her!

kiss her a lot! a lot! a lot!!!!


Whisper something dirty into her ear…

Now mack on her like you did at the club.


“Hey girl! HEY!!!”
***Doing my little dance***


bahahaahha….. I die!!!!! 

I can’t be sure but sometimes, I feel like I am having way more fun than my clients.



Khorn’s son, Jeremiah, came along to the photoshoot as well so we had him joined in on the fun. J is 14 this year and he is a cutie! Seriously, I couldn’t take a bad photo of this guy. He is naturally photogenic from every single angle.





Trying out something new. Taking shots from a higher perspective.


“HOVER OVER ME! HOVER OVER ME!!!!” Getting that lower perspective.


Close up, zoom out. Getting the higher angle, the lower angle.
Jumping, running, we did it all!!!!


And you  know what they say, a family that have fun together, stays together!!!!


Congratulations, Meraldine and Khorn!

I cannot wait to document your big day this weekend!!!! I know already that it is going to be magical. And I know that I am going to fall in love with Meraldine all over again, just like I did at our engagement shoot. hehehehe….

Stay tuned for the wedding photos,

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