Nico’s Headshot

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Nico called at noon yesterday and came in to the studio after work to get his headshot taken. We knocked these out in 15 mins. We went through the photos right afterward so I can help him choose his favorites. Since he was in a rush, I edited and delivered them to him this morning.

As a really young professional, he wanted his headshot to look a little more mature yet friendly, confident and approachable. He has a very natural smile but his eyes would squint a lot when he does. So my challenge was to make him laugh but at the same time capturing him laughing not SO much that he is squinting. LOL.. He wore glasses too so the other challenge was to find angles where the reflection is not blocking his eyes. This was an easy one to overcome over.

Overall, I’m really happy with how they turned out. I think we definitely got that cool and confidence yet friendly and approachable look in these headshot.

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