Lifestyle Photoshoot with Blogger Melissa Johnson of Best Friends For Frosting

sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_ sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-3

I started working with Melissa about 8 months ago when she was looking for a new photographer to shoot for her lifestyle brand, Best Friends For Frosting. Since I have never shot with a blogger before but was wanting to do more commercial photography, I agreed to meet over coffee. Come to find out, her brand is all about PINK, having fun, throwing parties, organizing the homes and raising kids. And all she wanted was light and airy photos. SCORE for me because light and airy images are what I love most!!!!

Here are the images from our very first shoot together. Since then, we have shot for Pottery Barn Kids, Glad, PGE, Mattel, Curel, and lots and lots more (which I will slowly blog about.)



These are her beautiful children who amazingly have changed so much since these photos were taken.


sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-8 sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-7


Thank goodness for supportive husbands because I don’t know how else any of us are able to chase our dreams while juggling so many things all at once. sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-12


sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-21 sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-22


A typical day at the office:
(Though do know that the office is not this pretty. It looks like this only from 1 corner of the room.)

sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-29sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-28 sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-25sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-31


sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-35 sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-32
sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-40 sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-37


sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-42 sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-44



Headshot for Melissa Johnson at Best Friends For Frosting, taken at Two Twenty Photo Studio in Old Sacramento

sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-45 sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-39

sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-46Here’s another fun fashion shoot that we did in Old Sacramento near my studio. Melissa is the master when it comes to staying true to the brand. She has the vision and I executive it. It is always a good times when we shoot together!

Cheers to more fun times ahead!!!!sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-47

sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-48 sacramento-lifestyle-commercial-photographer_-51

Photography by Tra Huynh / Two Twenty Photos

Makeup by Taryn Passifione Makeup (@tpassifionemakeup)

Hair by Emily Scott (@ecatherinescott)

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