If you are stressing out because everyone’s family photo session looks so perfect, look again…

Fall is here. The leaves are turning all shades of yellow and orange. The holidays are coming up and you really want to get pretty family photos done in time for Christmas cards. But you are stressing out because everyone’s family photo session looks so perfect but your kids are unpredictable and they can’t stay still, let me tell you:



Within the last 2 months (October and November), I have photographed 22 families. This is not counting the 5 weddings, 3 senior sessions, 1 headshot, 3 engagement sessions, 1 newborn session and 3 styled commercial shoots that I also photographed.

THAT IS A WHOLE LOT OF PHOTOS, wouldn’t you agree?

And the biggest thing that most of my clients are so nervous about (other than what to wear) is that their photos won’t turn out good.

You see photos like these of Dani & James’ perfect family of 5:

family-photos-2016-sacramento-capital-park-20 family-photos-2016-sacramento-capital-park-3

Dad and his favorite girls.family-photos-2016-sacramento-capital-park-8

family-photos-2016-sacramento-capital-park-29 family-photos-2016-sacramento-capital-park-4

Everyone is all smiling (or tried to)family-photos-2016-sacramento-capital-park-47But BEHIND THE SCENE, what you didn’t see was that Luke kept yanking on Ella’s hair so he couldn’t walk next to her or be next to her. Olivia was having a bad day. She was pouting almost the entire time.



And when I had Dani and James swing Luke, Luke’s hand was so slippery that it slipped out of James’ hand. Oh my gosh, MY HEART NEARLY JUMPED OUT OF MY CHEST WHEN THAT HAPPENED!!!family-photos-2016-sacramento-capital-park-12

OMGosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!!!!

Thank goodness Dani had a tight grip on Luke so he was okay.
And yes! We were done with this location and pose after that.

family-photos-2016-sacramento-capital-park-45 family-photos-2016-sacramento-capital-park-10

We moved on to another location and tried some other poses. Everything went well for the next 20 mins. family-photos-2016-sacramento-capital-park-6family-photos-2016-sacramento-capital-park-41

Then toward the end of the session, I wanted to take some photos of the parents by themselves. I know that after they have kids, their kids are their world so it’s hard to get nice photos just of the two of them. Then I thought how cute would it be if the kids photobombed them, maybe jumping out from the back or something. family-photos-2016-sacramento-capital-park-42

But Luke was in his own world. Olivia was done. She just wanted to go see Santa. Ella, though, was super excited. She was the only one that wanted to do it. family-photos-2016-sacramento-capital-park-43

Then out of nowhere, I saw through my lens that Luke felled over ON HIS FACE. He tripped on the steps and fell over. Ella didn’t even touch him. family-photos-2016-sacramento-capital-park-44

It was so unfortunate when it happened but now, looking back,  we can’t stop laughing about it. I mean, look at Ella’s face when her brother fell. Dani even told me that she wants to use them for their Christmas cards because their friends couldn’t believe that we caught these moments on photos. 😅😅😅


(Luke scraped his nose pretty badly but he is okay now.)

So believe me when I tell you that you don’t have to worry too much about being perfect for your next family photoshoot. I would encourage that you prepare for it by dressing your kids up in their best outfits, have your hair and make up done, make sure the clothes are wrinkle-free, your husband’s facial hair nicely trimmed. But other than that, I will direct you on how to pose, where to stand and what to do.

We are just going to run with it, have lots of fun and create a lot of memorable moments!

family-photos-2016-sacramento-capital-park-7(Btw, did you noticed that I photoshopped out the truck and the leaves on the ground for the very first photo on this post?) 😅😅

Happy Holidays, everyone!




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