Boston in the Fall


I was cleaning out my inbox and stumbled upon an email from Heather and Hannah which reminded me that I never posted photos from my trip to Boston last November. It was a really spontaneous trip to visit my sister who goes to school in Cambridge. Just because I had flight miles saved up and I missed her. You can see the first post of MIT here.


While my sister was in class, I went out to explore. Out of nowhere, I saw two girls gathering fallen leaves among these beautiful rows of trees . I watched them for a good minute while contemplating if it’d look weird if I take photos. In the end, I went up and asked what they were up to. They said they were gathering up all of the leaves so they can jump into them. #hellarandom


I chucked and asked if I can take their pictures while they do that? They said sure so there we were, 3 girls running around, using our legs and shoes as brooms as we tried to make a big pile of leaves. Here’s what happened next:



Sooooo much fun!


Meanwhile, it’s just another beautiful and quiet day in Boston as people made their way home for the evening.


We are going to Washington D.C at this exact same time frame this year to shoot a wedding. I cannot tell you how excited I am to experience this again.



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