Van & Trinh’s Engagement [University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA]


Van and Trinh got married last month in Sacramento and their wedding was so beautiful and heartwarming. We got done with their wedding photos and delivered them a couple weeks ago. But before I share their wedding photos, I want to share some of the photos from their engagement session first.

We shot these in Stockton back in March. There was an orchard near Van’s house and she thought it would be really cool to get photos done in it. Knowing my personality, you know that I would jump at the opportunity to go shoot at a new location.




university of pacific engagement wedding photos stockton california-13


university of pacific engagement wedding photos stockton california-14



The crazy thing about this shoot was, on that Saturday morning when I came to her house at 9AM, they were still looking for things to wear. Van just moved back to Stockton so everything was still in boxes. There was some last minute travel plans so Trinh and Van just came back to town from L.A. at 1AM that morning. They didn’t want to reschedule so we just ran with it. We rummaged through her closet and put together 2 outfits for her. Trinh’s clothes were at his parent’s house (since he lives in L.A.) so we stopped after the orchard to get them.

It was hectic but made for a very memorable morning. From the pictures, you can’t even tell that we went through all of that, can you?

Here are the images at the University of the Pacific. I am so in love with this campus. We’ve shot a couple weddings at Morris Chapel and it is always so beautiful. There is always something fun and vibrant to use here.





Are they so handsome together?

When taking engagement and anniversary photos,  what’s most important to me is the interaction between the couple. The details are great but what I love most are those playful kisses, the candid laughter and those tight hugs.

[Most couples do this naturally: hug,  kiss and showing a lot of affection. However, only a few can do it naturally in front of the camera. But with a little coaching, the hugging and kissing and engaging poses always come out. And it ended up being a lot of fun because most of the time, we’re just laughing our heads off.]












Can you feel the love just from looking at these photos?

I hope you love them as much as we had fun creating these memories for these two lovebirds.

Until next time, be well!
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