Sneak Peek-Walid & Kristin’s Private Estate Outdoor Wedding (Stockton, CA)



Kristin and Walid got married a week and a half go in her Aunt’s private estate in Stockton, CA and we were so fortunate to be there to document all of the details. Per tradition, the ceremony was held on 2 separate days. On Friday was an all-women celebration and on Saturday was the reception for everyone. Here is a sneak peek at the second day ceremony & reception:

KristinWalid-19 copy

The blue ring used to belonged to Kristin’s Mom. She has now passed it onto Kristin for her marriage. Putting the veil on Kristin is Inez, Kristin’s god sister and cousin.KristinWalid-3

Per tradition, there is no bridesmaid but Kristin was surrounded by her closest girlfriends who were there for her the whole time. Everyone got teary-eyed when they saw her for the first time with her wedding dress and veil on.


I love that Kristin got to wear 2 rings on her hands: one as a gift from her husband-to-be and one from her parents who cherished her so much.KristinWalid-30


Walid was so tall. From what I remembered, he was running around most of the time to make sure that everything was in its right place for the wedding celebration. I can tell that Kristin was really nervous as the ceremony began but Walid looked so attentive and so calm. This picture below said otherwise, though.KristinWalid-7



Here is the sneak peek of the ceremony and the reception that was held at her Aunt’s backyard. The decoration was simple and elegant. Surrounded by 250 guests, they both walked down with both parents on their side.

stockton sacramento private estate outdoor wedding





Per the Muslim tradition, the ceremony is made of the two parties signing the official marriage paperwork after they were asked in front of the witnesses to confirm that they willingly entered into this marriage. I got teary eyed when Kristin got really emotional when her Dad was asked to give her hand in marriage.



When she was asked about marrying Walid, she looked at him and looked as though she was about to cry.





This was our first all-outdoor wedding and we had a blast. There was tons of room to move around. The lighting was perfect and the decoration was so elegant. I will be sharing more about their wedding as soon as I’m done culling and editing their photos. There are so many great images that I’d like to show off.

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