My husband came home today and made me cry my eyes out. 

I was in the office trying to finish up a wedding proposal. He yelled from the kitchen that his hands are full and he needed help carrying the rest of the stuff in. It sounded fishy since he never asks for help for things like this. But to make him happy, I ran to the garage and grabbed the box anyway. 

B.H. as in B&H?

He told me to open it. My thoughts right away were:

“OH MY GOSH, what did he buy now?”

“A camera? No, this box is too big.”

“A new light set-up?”

I saw ONA and right away, tear swelled up and I started to cry. Not just crying, I was BAWLING while holding the box still. I haven’t even seen the inside yet and I was crying already.

I was crying really really hard because 1) I was so surprised since our 4th wedding anniversary is not until next month, 2) they are so expensive, and 3) ONA bags are really, really nice!

So we stood in the kitchen for about 10 mins while I cried. We then moved to the living room where I cried for another 10 mins. Henry joked,”Good thing we didn’t Snapchat this cuz you are not cute when you cry.” 

 Way after, I asked Henry to take some cute shots for me, you know, after I’ve washed away the messed up eyeliner. 

Thank you God for blessing me with the most thoughtful husband. 

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