Location Scouting- Sutter’s Fort, St. Francis Church

McKinley Park Rose Garden Family Photographer Sacramento-9

My little clients at the Rose Garden at McKinley Park. From yesterday’s photoshoot.

After my photoshoot yesterday at McKinley Rose Garden Park, I stopped by Sutter’s Fort to check out the details. For my engagement session this weekend, my client dreamt of a Mission-style session. Of course that’s a bit difficult to do in Sacramento. We can travel but we want to include their 5 children in the photos as well so we are going to have to stay local. Thanks to so many friend’s recommendations, I finally made it out to Sutter’s Fort to check it out. And I must say that I am in love with the textures that are visible everywhere. Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-2Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-3Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-4Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-5Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-6Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-7Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-9Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-12Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-20Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-21Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-23Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-24Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-25Across the street there is the Pioneer Congregational Church which is really beautiful as well. If we end up going to Sutter’s Fort, it will be worth it to stop by for photos here. Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-13I mean look at those doors!Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-14Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-15I am loving this door as well. Look at the contrast of it against the ivory backdrop. Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-17Sutter's Fort Sacramento California_-18

Then there is St. Francis of Assisi Church on the other side of the street. All right in midtown Sacramento, California.St Francis Church Downtown Sacramento California_St Francis Church Downtown Sacramento California_-4St Francis Church Downtown Sacramento California_-3St Francis Church Downtown Sacramento California_-2Hopefully the church will be open when we come for the shoot because the inside is beautiful. It reminds me a bit of the time when we wandered the street of Barcelona with the concrete ground, concrete walls and orange tile roof. So simple but powerful. St Francis Church Downtown Sacramento California_-5St Francis Church Downtown Sacramento California_-7St Francis Church Downtown Sacramento California_-8St Francis Church Downtown Sacramento California_-9St Francis Church Downtown Sacramento California_-10St Francis Church Downtown Sacramento California_-11St Francis Church Downtown Sacramento California_-13

My client also mentioned that she like the exposed brick look. Literally on the way home, I saw a building with exposed brick on I just stopped and took a few pics. This is in midtown Sacramento.

Bike Kitchen Location Scouting Downtown Sacramento California_Bike Kitchen Location Scouting Downtown Sacramento California_-4Bike Kitchen Location Scouting Downtown Sacramento California_-5Then there is this cute little corner called Bike Kitchen. I’ve seen it several times from passing by but this is the first time I got to stop to check it out. Look at those vines. **hearts coming out of my eyes, everywhere***

Bike Kitchen Location Scouting Downtown Sacramento California_-13Bike Kitchen Location Scouting Downtown Sacramento California_-8Bike Kitchen Location Scouting Downtown Sacramento California_-9Bike Kitchen Location Scouting Downtown Sacramento California_-10Bike Kitchen Location Scouting Downtown Sacramento California_-11Bike Kitchen Location Scouting Downtown Sacramento California_-12

I thought it’ll be easier to just to post them onto my blog and share them with clients when they want to browse location. It is not meant to be a secret or anything as every photographer will get a different take on each location.

Cheers to my first location scouting post. I am always looking for new places to add to my location list so send me your suggestions in the comment section. I would appreciate that so, so much!

Tra Huynh-3

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