Miss Vietnam Sacramento 2016- Part 2

The Sunday before last, I shot another three ladies from the 2016 Miss Vietnam Sacramento Pageant for the annual calendar. The objective is simple. These ladies will come to my studio, get their hair and make up done by the amazing Quynh Dong, get a headshot from me then go outside to get the calendar shot.

I was out of the country when the pageant happened so I didn’t know who was who that was coming that day. But never fear! Because not only are these ladies super cute and sweet, they are super friendly as well. But then again with my crazy self, who wouldn’t have a good time, right?

We had a jolly good time at the studio that day. Here are a few sneak peeks of Nancy, Jessica and Phuong.


miss vietnam sacramento 2016 beauty pageant

At 5’7″, Nancy is probably the tallest lady from the beauty pageant. With her red ao dai and gold embroidery, I thought this yellow hotel was perfect. It was a mixture of something old and something new which makes this for a timeless photograph. We stood at this intersection for about 5 minutes just to get a few shots in because there were people walking back and forth the whole time.

miss vietnam sacramento 2016 beauty pageant-2

Since red is such a classic color to the Vietnamese tradition, we walked a bit over to the train area just to grab this image. What do you think of the contrast between the intricate train engine in the background versus the repetitive pattern on her red lace ao dai?

miss vietnam sacramento 2016 beauty pageant-3

Playing with leading lines because Old Sac is known for them.


miss vietnam sacramento 2016 beauty pageant-4

Since her purple ao dai is so fun, I took her to the rose garden in Downtown Capital Park for photos instead.

miss vietnam sacramento 2016 beauty pageant-5

She must have flipped it about 10 times just to get this shot. But really, when you wore something this fun, of course I had to grab some action shots. (Believe me, it is not easy to do this and look cute at the same time.)

miss vietnam sacramento 2016 beauty pageant-6

Since I love architecture so much and we parked right by this State Building, we had to grab to few shots among the arches. Lines and angles, how I love thee! Doesn’t Jessica look super pretty here?

miss vietnam sacramento 2016 beauty pageant-7

miss vietnam sacramento 2016 beauty pageant-8

Thank you Wind for assisting me with this shot.

miss vietnam sacramento 2016 beauty pageant-9

We walked 1 block around Old Sac and got so many different backdrops for photos. There were stairs, brick walls, blue walls and textured walls. We even got some shots in with some flowers and trees nearby here as well.

It will be interesting to see which shots will get picked for the calendar later. I hope you enjoy! The Vietnamese culture is so vibrant and fun. I came to the U.S. when I was 9. Growing up, I never wore ao dai. It wasn’t until college when I joined the Vietnamese Student Association (or VSA) that I became more involved in the Vietnamese community in Jacksonville, FL. Every year, we helped community leaders put together the Lunar New Year celebration which includes a beauty pageant (like this). From organizing and participating in such events, I gained a much deeper appreciation for our culture.

And now, I get to capture it and share it all with you through my photography.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you enjoy this sneak peek. If you would love to have photos taken with your favorite tradition clothing, please contact me to get started.

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Thank you,


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