Sinat & Jerry’s 8th Anniversary -Downtown Capital Park

Sinat and Jerry 8th Anniversary-6Last fall, I had the pleasure to photography Sinat and Jerry for their 8th year anniversary celebration. And we had the best lighting possible that day.Sinat and Jerry 8th Anniversary-13Sinat and Jerry 8th Anniversary-3


Sinat and Jerry 8th Anniversary-5Sinat had been following on Instagram for a while before (which I did not know). So when she contacted me to say that she wants a vintage-themed session, I was so excited!!!

These two, they showed up all decked out and ready to go. The bowtie & suspender on Jerry and the silky black gloves on Sinat just melted my heart.

Sinat and Jerry 8th Anniversary-20

Sinat and Jerry 8th Anniversary-14Sinat and Jerry 8th Anniversary-10

Aren’t they such a handsome couple?

Sinat and Jerry 8th Anniversary-18Sinat and Jerry 8th Anniversary-19

Being a photographer herself, I think Sinat was very conscious about how she posed and looked in front of the camera. But after a while, she relaxed and we just had fun for the rest of the time. Isn’t the light so magical here?

Sinat and Jerry 8th Anniversary-9Sinat and Jerry 8th Anniversary-16

Sinat and Jerry 8th Anniversary-15Sinat and Jerry 8th Anniversary

Congratulations and cheers to many more years of laughter and happiness, you guys!

Sinat and Jerry 8th Anniversary-8

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