Aaron’s first Christmas -Downtown Sac (Rose Garden)


Earlier this month, I got the chance to photograph Savorn’s family in Downtown Capital Park. It was a cold and cloudy morning but we were lucky to find some really pretty fall colors to brighten up our photos tremendously. Plus, they are so fun and loving so it made my job a little easier. Other than trying to get Aaron to smile at the camera, we had a blast! =)

Mau is such a doting father. He knows how to calm Aaron so well.


220_3700220_3653220_3588hehehe.. Look at that cutie pie.
Mom did such a great job picking out his outfit, huh?


It is not too late to get Christmas and New Year photos done. If you are in or around the Sacramento area, contact me at 916-475-3346 or info@twotwentyphotos.com to set up a session. Regular 1-hour sessions start at $350. Prints, canvases and photo albums are also available for your keepsake.

Thank you so much for supporting my work!


Wedding & Portrait Photographer


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