Leah’s 6 months old session – McKinley Park

Leah's 6 month

My pretty Leah, she turned 6 months in November so at the end of October, we went to McKinley Park to take photos. Her grandparents came along to help with the set ups and it was amazing. The roses were blooming and the leaves were starting to turn yellow. The best part though, was that her Mom and Grandma got her these adorable outfits to wear. Can you imagine how precious these memories will be when she is older? To know that she is so loved and cared for by her family?

Leah's 6 month-15

***ahhh, my little princess. Why are you so cute!!!!

Leah's 6 month-13

Of course I had to snuck Grandpa in for a few pics.

Below is the dress that she wore for her baptism. Since she didn’t get any formal photos in them, I told her Mom to bring it along so we can get photos in them as well.

Leah's 6 month-10

Leah's 6 month-11This little booger, it is so exciting to see her grow. Next thing you know, she is going to be running around before she can even walk.

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