Iliana and Leah’s Newborn Photos

I am working to finish up this newborn session soon but I want to show some off to you first. 

In the last 3 weeks, I shot 11 sessions. It was partly my Women Beauty Portrait sessions, some engagements and some family. 

In between, I was so sick. I lost my voice and had a terrible cough that won’t go away. Finally I was forced to go to the doctor. (I haven’t been for the last 3 years.)

As a storyteller through photographs, one day, a long time from now, I imagine the story for these photos will be: 

“You were 3 weeks old when we took your newborn photos. You were born in the Spring when the peaches were in season. They were so many hanging down from the trees right outside of Grandma’s house. We lived there for a long time.l and Grandma and Grandma loved you so so much! And yes! They were so young then too! And so was I.”



To book your baby or newborn session, please contact me at or 904-887-3162 for a FUN, FRIENDLY AND BEAUTIFUL experience. 

Thank you,


Wedding, women and children photographer. 

Located in Sacramento, CA.

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