Contemporary Women Beauty Portraits By Tra Huynh 

As most of you know by now, I got a studio in Old Sac at the beginning of this month (April). Since then, Henry (my husband) and I have been buying furnitures and making backdrops to get ready for the launch of my new Women Beauty Portraits line.


The Women Beauty Portrait experience is a luxury glamour shoot designed for women of all ages and shapes who want to exist beautifully in photos. These are the professional, timeless and tastefully done photos that they’d want their kids to remember them by, for now and for years from now. 


My inspiration for the Women Beauty Portrait line came from a black and white photo that I have of my Mom when she was 30. My Mom had no intention of getting married but it was fated that she met my Dad when she was 33. She didn’t have me until she was 37 so I never knew what she looked like when she was younger other than the black and white photos she took with her friends and family. 

Of them all, there was one photo that she took in a studio when she was 30. My Mom has curly hair but in this picture, her hair was straighten out, combed and framed around her face. Growing up, my Mom said she prayed that her kids have straight hair because she hated her curly hair. I remember my Mom saying she was chubby and broke out a lot during her adolescent years. When I saw this photo of my Mom at 30, i don’t see any of these imperfections at all. 

In this photo, she had perfect cheekbones, healthy skin, straightened and luscious hair and a beautiful smile. It was a side of my Mom thay I’ve never remember seeing. She looked so beautiful! 

I have always known that my Mom is beautiful because she is kind, super creative, smart and really really hard working. She worked all sorts of jobs to ensure that we have a happy childhood. Though we were poor, we never felt like we were missing anything. We grew up feeling loved and cared for. 

Seeing this picture of my Mom looking so beautiful was surprising! It shows me a different side of my Mom that I’ve never seen before. I knew she was beautiful but having photos to prove it was so shocking! That aside from the cleaning and cooking and caring for us everyday, underneath all of that, MY MOM WAS A HOTTIE! 


Have you had a similar experience with your Mom, Grandma or someone you’re really close to? 

Tell me about it in the comment below. 

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