“The Last of My Twenties”- Part 1 (Night Shots)


Six months before I turned 30, I came across a photographer who recently published a photo book of a girl he has been photographing for the last 4 years. I was amazed how the varieties of photos she had. I thought, “Wow! What a cool idea. Wouldn’t it be so awesome to have a photo album to remember my twenties by?”

Since my birthday is coming up, the album will be a birthday present I give to myself.


I started to take photos and gather photos of myself. After hearing about my idea, my sister said I should call it, “The Last of My Twenties.” Being a photographer and having my husband as a photographer in training, I have a huge advantage because I’m able to do self portraits or have him take photos of me all the time. THIS IS PART 1 which is made up of some of the night shots that we took in December 2014.


We got the umbrella from our friend’s baby shower and thought it’ll make an interesting props as we explore Downtown Sacramento at night. Henry loves the contrast between the darkness and the bright lights so we have lots of interesting night photos.

We called these, “The Umbrella Girl.”
Tra-3 In front of the Wells Fargo BuildingTra-5 Tra-6“Looking In” where it’s nice and warm against the freezing cold outside.Tra-7

Mesmerized by all the lights and bokeh.Tra-8 Tra-10 Tra-11 Tra-12 Tra-13 Tra-14 Tra-15There’s the State Capital Building, brightly lit in all of its glory.
Tra-16 Tra-17Part 2 to come soon.

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