Pretty in Pink- Cynthia & Mani’s Maternity Portrait Session at Sacramento Downtown Capital Park


Sacramento maternity baby photographer-6Just when I thought that my portrait session couldn’t get any prettier, these two came along and blew it out of the water.

Sacramento maternity baby photographer-13

Cynthia contacted me back in October when she saw pictures I posted to the Sacramento Photographer group on Facebook. It was really flattering for me that out of so many photographers in that group, she chose me to capture this special period in her and her fiance’s lives. Since she is also a photographer herself, I was a bit nervous at first because I really want to meet, if not exceed, her expectation. It’s funny, this nervousness never stops. No matter how many successful sessions I’ve done, I still get butterflies every time I book a session. I guess it’s a good thing because it means that passion is still running strong. All of me really want them to have a good time at the shoot and from there capture some really great images that they will treasure for a long time.

Sacramento maternity baby photographerA week before the shoot, we brainstormed and came up with some cute props that they can use for the shoot. The clothing line with the clothes hanging is one of my all-time favorites. Elli even has a shirt that says “Cute runs in the Family”. Oh, my heart feels so happy just looking at this picture. I told Cynthia that when Elli is a bit older, she can wear that onesie and we can take an “after” photo then.


Sacramento maternity baby photographer-27

Aren’t they a handsome couple!

(Two weeks ago on Instagram, I posted a new headshot with me sitting on that very same step-ladder that Mani sat on. I confessed that I take it to almost every shoot. The first reason that is that I’m only 5 feet tall so most of my clients are usually taller than me. In order to get great shots, I have to be at their eye level or slightly higher. Because of that, I usually carry around this step ladder to ensure that even when they are standing up, I can capture them at the best angle! Secondly, the ladder is very handy when I want to take a cool sit-down shot.)Sacramento maternity baby photographer-30 Sacramento maternity baby photographer-22 Sacramento maternity baby photographer-28 Sacramento maternity baby photographer-4Isn’t this the most perfect location? We were blessed with the most beautiful light that afternoon.

Sacramento maternity baby photographer-15 Sacramento maternity baby photographer-17 Sacramento maternity baby photographer-20Sacramento maternity baby photographer-34

When we chatted the week before to brainstorm, Cynthia told me that Mani really wants the second outfit to be jerseys of their favorite football team. They even got a 49-er’s onesie for Elli so of course we had to show it off!Sacramento maternity baby photographer-36

Don’t the trees make such a gorgeous background? This is why I love Sacramento, the City of Trees, so much!
Sacramento maternity baby photographer-40 Sacramento maternity baby photographer-45 Sacramento maternity baby photographer-47

Ta-da! We save the best for last! Cynthia and Mani has a gorgeous dog named Nala. They want her to be in the photoshoot too so Cynthia made her these cute signs to announce that promotion.Sacramento maternity baby photographer-48 Sacramento maternity baby photographer-51 Sacramento maternity baby photographer-55

I think Nala was a bit sad though. She thought she was the only baby in the house. Sacramento maternity baby photographer-57 Sacramento maternity baby photographer-58 Sacramento maternity baby photographer-59

I swear I did not photoshop Nala at all. She was so good at the shoot. She sat perfectly like this when Mani asked her to. It was amazing! Doesn’t she look so regal? Soooo beautiful she is!

To Cynthia and Mani, thank you guys for trusting me with your precious moments. I’m ecstatic that you love the pictures. Mani, you are the most awesome guy. Thank you so much for being so patient and understanding throughout the whole shoot (and let me make you laugh).


Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my work. I am scheduling portraits sessions for Spring and Summer and am booking weddings for the rest of 2015. To book your portrait session, complete the contact form below and I will be in touch with you in 24-48 hours.

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