“Wrapped in Love”- Valentina’s First Birthday Photoshoot at Old Sac | Sacramento Fun Family & Children Photographer

It’s amazing how fast children grow. Six months flew by since I photographed Valentine in her Grandma’s front yard on that warm summer evening underneath the eucalyptus tree. Now she is a year old and is even more adorable than ever.

Remember this picture that made your heart melt 6 months ago?two twenty photos sacramento California family baby children photographer

Well, brace yourself and LOOK HOW MUCH SHE HAS CHANGED SINCE THEN!!!


At 1 year old, she has more teeth now. Her hair is longer and for the first time, she is able to stand up by herself without Mommy’s help.

Since her Mama took maternity photos in Old Sac, she wanted to go back there to recreate some of the same poses that she took, but now with Valentina in her arms.

TRA_0996bw TRA_0983TRA_0994

We met at a spot in Old Sac where Yesenia took maternity photos before. That Saturday started so beautifully but suddenly it turned cold and dark in the afternoon. I was so worried that it will rain on our shoot. But lucky forus, it did not.  Our challenge that day though, was getting this lil’ pumpkin to smile.


She must have laughed so much in the car on the way to the shoot that she ran out of juice by the time she arrived. Her Uncle and Auntie came along to help but they too, couldn’t get her to smile much. So we switched gear a bit and did some “action” shots instead. She loves to walk and move around and play with stones so we did just that.TRA_1046


You know me, I love images like these that show how small your baby once was. At one year old, Valentina barely stood above her mama’s knee. She is not strong enough to walk by herself yet so you can see her Mom’s strong hands guiding her here. The beauty about images like these is that it not only capture your child’s growth but also your (the parent’s) strength. TRA_1045

She doesn’t need expensive toys, she loves rocks! (Just like how other kids love remote controls and cell phones.)
TRA_1057 TRA_1074



She was so happy here to have her Tio walked her up and down the steps. TRA_1111

For her second outfit, she wears the pink tutu that her Mom got her for her first birthday party. Her Mom requested the hot air balloon that I have so we set it on up in front of the train station in Old Sac. I brought along the pearls that my Mom gave me so Vale can complete her outfit.

Isn’t she a vision?


Her Uncle was awesome! He got her to really smile and yelled and crawled so I can capture these adorable images.TRA_1213TRA_1214

(Ahhh!!! Look at that smile!)TRA_1227

There goes that smile again! (It melts my heart every time I look at it! When I have a baby girl, she will definitely be having some pictures done in tutus and pearls too. What a beautiful combination for whimsical childhood memories.)TRA_1228





Lastly, these adorable Mother & Daughter duo changed into matching “You are my sunshine” T-shirts and Yesenia read “Love You Forever” to her daughter. It was the book she had with her during her maternity shoot. It is now Vale’s favorite book. TRA_1282 TRA_1297

TRA_1373 TRA_1371 TRA_1376TRA_1387

One thing about Valentina that I will always remember now, is that she loves the water. When she gets restless, the sound and sight of the water soothes and calms her. Of all the pictures, I think I love this one best. I love the way her Mom looks at her here while she’s wrapped up in a blanket her Grandma handmade for her. You can say that she’s “Wrapped in Love”.

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