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A couple weeks ago I had the most gorgeous shoot in midtown Sacramento. We called it, “Playing Dress Up with Rofiah” because to Rofiah, what’s beautiful are fashion bloggers who get to show off their outfit-of-the-day each day in unique and colorful backdrops around town. She loves hair and makeup (and dressing up when she has to). So I figured why not go color hunting in downtown and midtown Sac where colors and textures are abundant. While we’re at it, let’s create a “LOOKBOOK” styled shoot as though it is for a fashion magazine or a clothing catalog. Next thing you know, Rofiah showed up to the shoot with 6 outfits, each with matching jewelry, purses and shoes. I was sooooo impressed! Here’s our color hunting adventure that day. We had too much fun going around the 5 blocks of midtown Sacramento:


We started off at S&12 where the mural of the grey tiger was painted on the side of the parking lot wall. I can’t tell you how excited I was when she showed up with this yellow shirt. If it had been white, it wouldn’t have been the same. On a neutral background, you want something BOLD to pop out at you if you want to make a statement. The yellow shirt and bright pink lips are just right here! She LOVES LOVES LOVES the backdrop which made my 10-mins search seems worthy.

women beauty portraits sacramento californiahigh school senior portraits sacramento california



Then we are off to a church across the street where blooming roses are reaching out of the iron gate. The palette here is coral and green: the happiest of complimentary colors.

women beauty portraits sacramento california 5women beauty portraits sacramento california3JUL_4895women beauty portraits sacramento california 6JUL_4944women beauty portraits sacramento california4

For her third look, we little went across the street again and there’s a complete different setting in front of an office building. It was a Saturday but there were 2 people working inside. They looked and us, probably knowing that we’re up to no good and we looked at them, smiling. I waved, laughed and carried on with our poses. The background is so nice, clean and modern here, I love it! The hexagon pattern on the neutral wall goes so well again the horizontal stripes on Rofiah’s form fitting dress. 

JUL_5055 women beauty portraits sacramento california 8women beauty portraits sacramento california7JUL_5116JUL_5121JUL_5157

For her 4th look, we moved over to R&15th for a chance of backdrop. I’m sure most of you that live in Sacramento recognize these colorful vertical columns located next to Hot Italian Restaurant. We shot these images within 2 blocks of this place since the backdrop matches the color of Rofiah’s dress and accessories perfectly. women beauty portraits sacramento california 10 JUL_5172women beauty portraits sacramento california 9

If you remember, this is where I posted that picture on Instagram of us sitting in the middle of the sidewalk so Rofiah’s friend, Suong, can braid her hair. women beauty portraits sacramento california 11 women beauty portraits sacramento california 12 women beauty portraits sacramento california 16 women beauty portraits sacramento california 17 JUL_5254 JUL_5305 JUL_5233

What are “Women Beauty Portraits” and why take them?

Women beauty portraits is a new service that I am offering strictly for ladies who want fun, gorgeous and tasteful images to remember their youth by. It’s for women of all ages, sizes and shapes. It’s for high school seniors who want to celebrate their coming of age. It’s for women in their late 20’s who want to capture their confident and beauty. It’s for Moms who want to leave a beautiful piece of themselves so that their children and grandchildren can see how beautiful she is and was.

My inspiration came from a black and white picture I have of my Mom when she was 30 years old. She is 63 now. In my eyes, she will always be beautiful, not just for her features but for all the laughters, advices and sacrifices she made to help me get to where I am today. However, in this black and white photo of her from 33 years ago, she looked so young and was so so so beautiful. She has a handful of black and white photographs of her when she was younger that we cherish so much because it’s a glimpse into her past that can never get back. This was before the wrinkles and the visible grey hair.

So I thought, women loves to take pictures. So while we’re young, why not take more pictures that are worth printing. By this, I don’t mean selfies that you upload to Facebook and Instagram and forget about the following week. I mean natural and fun images that allow the view to know who you are as a person and what you love.

color hunting sacramento women senior portraitsJUL_5453JUL_5416Successful day of color hunting in midtown Sacramento with Rofiah and Suong. Here we were right outside of Cafe Bernardo on R&15. I shot an engagement session here with Yolanda & Jason because this was where they met 8 years ago. I love the abundant of colors so it is only appropriate to come back for more.women beauty portraits sacramento california 20women beauty portraits sacramento california19women beauty portraits sacramento california18JUL_5479


For her last look, we went back to the corner of S&12 where my car was parked. We went the opposite direction and found a storage building with lavender blue paint that added so much interest to her casual outfit.women beauty portraits sacramento california 22

women beauty portraits sacramento california 21

Each woman is different so each shoot is going to look different as well.

My goal is to capture your personality and beauty. I want to give you images that you can proudly show off. In addition to the shoot, each ladies will be given the opportunity to order a professional “Lookbook” photo album that holds all of her favorite images.

So book your shoot today!

 A “Women Beauty Portrait” shoot also makes a great gift, whether that’s a gift to yourself or a gift to you want to buy for a wonderful woman in your life who appreciates a MEANINGFUL GIFT.

Contact me at or via the form below to get started!


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