Oakleaf Plantation Engagement Session with Thong & Amber| Jacksonville, FL



Florida has such beautiful light in the evening!!! It is even better that I got to photograph Thong and Amber in it!



Two weeks ago, I flew back to FL to attend one of my best friend’s wedding. While over there, I met up with my cousin and his wife to take their engagement photos. Amber told me a while back that she loves my photography style and was consider me as their wedding photographer. After comparing 3 different wedding photographers (me and 2 local wedding photographers based in Jax), she chose me! I saw the notes she had when doing her research. Her decision was based on style, prices and personality. It was so flattering to hear her tell me that she didn’t choose me because she felt obligated since Thong is my cousin. Rather, she chose me because I have to most lively photos, the style she loves and the custom wedding photo package that we came up with for them offers the most-value services and products.JUL_9772 copyOriginally we had plans to take photos at two locations, both very close to her neighborhood. Last minute, Amber had to work and couldn’t get home soon enough. We didn’t make it out to the entrance of Oakleaf Plantation until 7:30. The sun was scheduled to set at 8PM. After a few minutes of scoping the area, we found some gorgeous places right there at the entrance to use as the backdrop. Honestly, I felt that theirs is one of the prettiest engagement/family sessions I have done!!! I contribute this not only to the soft evening light that embrace them that night but also to the outfit choice that this family picked out. Amber and her two daughters wore perfectly shaped white dresses while Thong had on grey slacks and a button down shirt. His hair was perfectly combed. THEY LOOKED SHARP!!! AND THE CAMERA LOVES THEM!!!!

Without further ado, here is the magic we created in the 45 mins we got:

JUL_9774 JUL_9775 JUL_9783 JUL_9786JUL_9791JUL_9787 JUL_9796 JUL_9803 JUL_9807 JUL_9816 JUL_9821 JUL_9827 JUL_9831

These two are my absolute favorites!!! They need to be printed and hung on the wall so that everytime you see them, you have to smile because they are too darn adorable!
JUL_9851 JUL_9867 copyI’m sure you can tell by now that I have an obsession with father and daughter pictures. For father, I always like to do shots that capture their strength, power and height. I feel these photos are important because one day, you will look back and appreciate how little your babies used to be. These moments will become priceless!JUL_9871bw JUL_9875bw JUL_9895when you have kids, for sure you have to get them involved in something as adorable as this!JUL_9906 JUL_9920 JUL_9927 JUL_9930 JUL_9938But Mommy! I don’t want to go to school. I want to stay home and bake cupcakes with you!” (OMGosh! Why do I love these crying photos so much?!?!)JUL_9944 JUL_9945 JUL_9946The perfect height comparison photo!JUL_9952 JUL_9958 JUL_9963 JUL_9964This is another one of my favorites! I call this “Sisterly Love!”JUL_9973 JUL_9979bw JUL_9991


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