Beautiful Black-Eye Susan | Working with Off-Camera Flash

Tonight I went out for a 4-mile jog and found some gorgeous flowers around the neighborhood. I used them to make some really pretty names (which I will share in a later post). The one I am most proud of though, is this beautiful yellow sunflower that I found right outside of an apartment complex down the street.

I was so excited that I had to photograph it tonight. What started out as a normal, somewhat plain shoot turned into a full color-bursting set once I got into my creative mode.

yellow sunflowers in a vase two twenty photos

What started as a casual set up turned into a full on colorful creative once my creative mode kicked in. Then I just went crazy with the sunflowers. Obsessions took over and I cannot be more proud with the results.

yellow sunflowers vase two twenty photos.jpg

I added the paint bottles that I had around from last Saturday when I painted the lemonade stand.

yellow and pink flowers two twenty photos

Then I started playing with angles and depth of fields to try to get that perfect capture. At the same time, i’m IMPRESSED at what my flash can help me do!

yellow sunflower sacramento photographeryellow sunflowers with bright colorful backgroundcreative photographer sacramento ca yellow sunflowerswedding photographer in sacramento two twenty photosyellow sunflower prints and wall art

yellow sunflower two twenty photos

Don’t these just make you feel so happy inside? Let me know what you think of them by leaving a comment below. More of my professional wedding, family and senior photography work is at my website,

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Have a bright & beautiful day!


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