For Emma’s 6th Birthday | Ruhkala Park | Rocklin, CA Family Photographer

Yesterday I had a beautiful shoot with a really beautiful family at a local park in Rocklin. The main reason for the shoot was to get photos of Emma whose turned 6 a couple days ago. Emma’s Mom mentioned that her grandparents from Tucson, AZ will be visiting the same weekend for her birthday party so I thought how precious it will be to get photos of them while they’re in town. As the result, we turned a single child shoot into a full-blown family session, which is what I love most because I know how difficult it is to get everyone together. So while the opportunity came up, why not make the most out of it!

Without further do, enjoy!!!!

lemonda stand two twenty photos

Remember how I had the kissing booth for Valentine’s Day? It is now available as a lemonade stand for my summer sessions. You can bring your own props or I can provide it. The kids loved the lemonade, watermelon and oranges yesterday.

birthday children photographer

I am in love with this lively photo of Emma. She is just so stinking cute!!!

girl loves orange and fruits

Doesn’t this look like an ad for kids to eat more fruits and vegetable? I feel like I should organize a shoot to promote this.

fun family children photographer

Ava is one happy camper now that she has her oranges and watermelon.

rocklin family children photographer

Connor is too adorable. Just like any 1 year old I’ve worked with, he couldn’t sit still no matter what. For the whole shoot, me, his Mom, Dad took turn chasing after him. But seriously, how can one run so cute like this?

sacramento ca rocklin family photographer

fun family photos

Chasing Connor and making the best of the moment.

poses for father child photos

I love photos that show off Dad’s strength. That’s why I usually try to get something like this at every family’s session. Not only is it super exciting for the kids to be thrown up in the air, year from now when you look back at these photos, these are memories of how young your kids used to be, how strong your parents were and how simple happiness can be.

rocklin ca family photographer

Here’s his Mom chasing after Connor again. When she couldn’t get him to kiss her, she kissed him instead and as the result, we got this beautiful, beautiful moment of love and happiness.

father and daughters photo

Daddy’s girls! Can’t you just tell what their personalities are just from the way they posed?  They remind me so much of my 2 nieces who almost have the exact same personalities.

all the girls family photography

Here’s to girl power!

photos with grandparents

I can’t help but smile when I look at this picture. Everyone is just so happy and jolly. Actually, Joe’s parents have this perfectly happy, genuine smile with them at all time. So once we got Connor to smile, it was perfect!!!!

I grabbed the opportunity to sneak in some beautiful pictures of the parents while the kids ran off to play.

sacramento family photography

sacramento family engagement photographer

Doesn’t this look like an engagement picture? Liana was laughing and smiling THE WHOLE TIME!!!!


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