Mother & Daughter Photos with Tara & Leah | Sacramento, McKinley Park Family Photographer

6/2/14 Tara and Leah’s photos have been edited and delivered so I thought I should update the blog with more photos so Leah can share them with her husband who is currently stationed oversea. Plus, I am so in love with this mother & daughter session that I feel obligated to share all the gorgeousness with you. They are so beautiful together that I cannot help but smile when I look at these photos. In some of the photos, I can almost feel the love Tara has for her daughter just by the gentle way she looked at Leah.

DSC_5882 DSC_5896 DSC_5900


Tara has the most beautiful smile. It gets even better when she laughed whole-heartedly as Leah tried so hard to “put a flower in her [Mom’s] hair but cannot.

DSC_5916 DSC_5940 copy DSC_5959DSC_5974DSC_5979DSC_5983DSC_5962r DSC_5986


The first thing I noticed about Leah are her beautiful blue eyes and her soft, silky curls. This mother & daughter duo were so easy to work with and I’m sure you would agree that the pictures definitely showed it!

DSC_6021rDSC_6005 DSC_6002


I died when I saw Tara making faces at her daughter in this next photo.DSC_6053DSC_6054DSC_6125DSC_5854DSC_5865



Scroll down to see what super cute shirts this mother-daughter duo wore for their 2nd outfit and what they did for Leah’s Dad. I guaranteed it will put a big smile on your face! =)


There’s always room for laughing-out-load moments.



DSC_6210 copy DSC_6214

DSC_6250 DSC_6283

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This is their special message to Leah’s Daddy who is deployed oversea. There’s only 3 more months (or 90 days, or 2,160 hours) until he is home again!

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