Lunar Eclipse As Seen From Sacramento, CA

I told hubby I would go to sleep early tonight but I end up working, tweaking and fixing my website instead. Next thing I knew it was 12:20. Jixer and I rushed into the backyard to look for the moon. It was too dark out there that it made me nervous. So we dashed to the front yard instead.

After a few failed attempts at trying to capture the moon with my shaking hand, I bust out the tripod Hubby gave me as a present last Christmas for assistance. He’ll be so happy to see me use it. After using it tonight, I want to go capture some night bokeh light now. Maybe that’ll be a fun project for another night.

Here are some before and after photos that Jixer and I got from the front yard when we camped out on our lawn chair. Well, my green lawn chair. Jixer was too busy running around the bushes.



I got bored so I started taking peek-a-boo photos through the trees.




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