Jade at Jax Beach, FL | Women Beauty Portraits

I love being a photographer.

I get to explore all kinds of places, have fun and give my clients pretty, pretty photos afterward. Below is the shoot I had with Jade at Jacksonville Beach earlier this month when I was in Florida visiting my parents. We met at the beach at 8:30 and had a fabulous time running around the sand barefooted. The water was chilly still but after running around for a bit, it got hot!

In the upcoming year, I really want to expand and do a lot of women beauty portraits like these:



Women beauty portraits are images that capture a woman’s beauty and youth at the best time of her life, whether she is a successful businesswoman, a creative fiend, a caring mother or a loving wife.





She is happy. She is healthy. She is confident.DSC_8696



We tried making a flower crown so this was Tram trying to pull that branch off. Who would have thought it’d be so hard!



Before ending, I want to share with you some my absolute favorite photos from this shoot. I am completely in love with the water sparkling in the sun, the calming shades of blues and how perfectly her dark hair stood out against the perfect blue sky.DSC_8589 DSC_8596 copy

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