Thao Doan | Weekend Visit To Jacksonville, FL| Women Beauty Portraits

Last week I had the opportunity to go back to Jacksonville, FL to visit family and friends. It’s been 2 years since I’ve been back. I got married in 2012 so my family came to Sac to attend the wedding. In 2013, I took a 3-week mother-daughter trip to Vietnam with my Mom so that didn’t leave any opportunity (or funding) to visit home. My friend, Mai, got engaged this past weekend so it was the perfect opportunity to cash in some frequent flyer miles to hop back home for an extended weekend.

While there, Thao and I went out to take pictures at Memorial Park. Come to think of it, we have known each other for over 10 years now. She and I always go take photos together. I love being the photographer and she loves being my model. The other day when I was going through my harddrive, I found the photos that we took 7 years ago when I was still playing around with a point-and-shoot. Oh man!!! Have I gone a long away since then. LOL..

When we got together to review the images taken, I expected to her keep only a handful but she wanted almost everything. Surprised, I asked her what does she plan to do with all of these images? She said she likes to keep them all for now. Who knows, many when she’s older, she’d take them out and show off to her kids how pretty she looked in her younger years.

This made me think of the one black-and-white photo that I have of my Mom when she was 30 years old. How precious it is now. She was so, so pretty. I loved it so much that I made a drawing of it for one of my High School Art Classes. When I came back this last time, it was still hanging in my old room. See that freckle right by my Mom’s right eye, she added that in. She was looking over my shoulder while I was drawing it and added that in because I forgot. =)


Isn’t she beautiful? It makes me want to have a black and white photo similar to it so that one day, my daughter can remember what her Mom and Grandma look like at 30 as well. =)

Without further ado, I present to you all the fun images Thao and I took last weekend in Jax, FL. We started at Memorial Park where there are 3 blooming trees. Spring hasn’t arrived in Jacksonville just yet but we made the best out of these blossom trees.

DSC_8129bw red women beauty portraits2 DSC_8178 women beauty portraits 4 women beauty portraits 3

DSC_8285 women beauty portraits 8

I went so far as to have Thao climbed up a 4-ft wall just so I can get images of her “among the flowers.” And SHE IS JUST SO AWESOME THAT SHE AGREED!!!!For that, we got images like these that I am completely drool over!!!

DSC_8305 women beauty portraits 13 DSC_8217 copy

Next we went to the opposite end of the park to get some photos by the river. I was hoping that it’ll be clearer that day but the gray sky made the red balloons stand out even more. So I was a happy camper! =)

DSC_8331 DSC_8335

Along the river, we ran into a vintage car show. Thao asked this elderly gentleman if it’s okay to take some photos with his 1955 Thunderbird. The owner was so awesome. Not only did he said go for it. He took out these shades and told her it’ll help complete the look.

DSC_8387 DSC_8389DSC_8418r

1955 thunderbird


Always a perfect day when spent with this girl.


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