Fresh Flowers On The Morning After The Rain | Sacramento Outdoor Photographer

It’s been raining in Sacramento for the last 3 days. Poor Jixer hasn’t been able to walk much. Even with his raincoat on, he still get soaked. So this morning, Henry and I took him out since the rain has stopped. So happy that we didn’t have to run like we did last night. LOL.. Here are some “AFTER THE RAIN” photos I took around the neighborhood. Happy Sunday! I hope you are somewhere warm, wrapped in a blanket while drinking hot chocolate.

P.S. If you cannot tell from these pictures, my favorite part about the rain is taking photos afterward of the water droplets that’s hanging on to everything!!!! LOVE!!!

walking our dog after the rain stopped

Finally Jixer was able to get out for a decent walk

white pear blossom after the rain

White blossoms swaying in the wind in the front yard.

neighbor's flowers

Pretty white flowers in the neighbor’s yard

rain falling down the gutter

Rain falling down the gutter

neighbor's cat hidden behind the tree

Brave cat hiding from the rain under the camilla bush

fallen rose on the ground

Freshly fallen camilla flower on the grown made up of fresh, baby green grass

neighbor's rose bush

Pretty red camillas in the neighbor’s yard

roses small

These red camilla, aren’t they just picture perfect?

water droplets on truck

Water droplets everywhere!!!!

water droplets on rose leaves

Young leaves are starting to come out. Spring is almost here.

green tree in neighbor yar

Jixer and I walk by these everyday. They remind me of Christmas.

water drops on berries

Red berries dripping water droplets everywhere. *swoon

water drop on green leaf rose bush

I stayed up really late last night working on a new blog called, “Food And Other Simple Things.” This is where I am going to post about my personal thoughts, food, travel and what other things I find interesting. You can check it out here.

Now I am waiting for someone who is adventurous enough to take some “Dancing in the Rain” photos with me. Who’s interested?

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