Kong & Shao | Destination Engagement Session | San Francisco, CA

engagement photos san francisco painted ladies

I had the pleasure of working with Kong & Shao for their engagement photos in San Francisco. I guess I shouldn’t call it “work” because we had so much fun running around San Francisco that nearly 4 hours passed by and we didn’t even realize it.
Kong and Shao are from Pennsylvania. Kong is working in New York now. They got engaged recently when Kong popped the question during one of their visits to Hog Island Oyster Farm (in CA). These two, they love to travel and they love good food. Shao even has a blog called friedwontons4u where she blogs about her cooking and traveling experiences. (It’s pretty amazing. You can check it out here!)
Since Kong has to be in San Francisco for work that week, they thought wouldn’t it be fun to take engagement photos in CA? They really wanted to have it done at the spot where he proposed but since no reservation was available at Hog Island, we went to San Francisco to enjoy the city vibe.
It was a great choice! The weather was beautiful and they were so fun to work with! Without further ado, here are the photos you’ve been waiting for. I hope you love them as much as I did working on them.
San Francisco Sacramento engagement photographerDSC_2419San Francisco Sacramento engagement photographer3 San Francisco Sacramento engagement photographer8
DSC_2504San Francisco Sacramento engagement photographer4
DSC_2619San Francisco Sacramento engagement photographer7
sacramento san francisco wedding engagement photographer18
San Francisco Sacramento engagement photographer 14 sacramento san francisco wedding engagement photographer 34sacramento san francisco wedding engagement photographer 31 sacramento san francisco wedding engagement photographer 32San Francisco Sacramento engagement photographer5San Francisco Sacramento engagement photographer9San Francisco Sacramento engagement photographer10 San Francisco Sacramento engagement photographer11San Francisco Sacramento engagement photographer 4 sacramento san francisco wedding engagement photographer 39San Francisco Sacramento engagement photographer15San Francisco Sacramento engagement photographer14sacramento san francisco wedding engagement photographer 45sacramento san francisco wedding engagement photographer 46San Francisco Sacramento engagement photographer13
Can you see now why we got lost within those hours? We were having too much fun! LOL… Shao was gorgeous and Kong was so easy going. With a little push and a little guidance, they opened up and the pictures turned out awesome! And that’s always my goal. I want my couples to have a good time at the shoot and have it reflected in their photos. More importantly, I want these photos to tell their stories.
Engagement shoot is usually the first time a couple takes formal photos. Most of the time, it is also the last photos while dating before married. Therefore I always encourage couples, when choosing the location, if possible, pick a place that interests you or is meaningful to you. This way, the photos and memories become that much more special.

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