Baby Kayli’s 6-month portrait session| Sacramento Baby & Children Photographer

Did you know that babies always have blue eyes when are born? Melanin and exposure to ultraviolet light are needed to bring out their true eye color. Until then, all babies have blue eyes.

This last Sunday, I got a chance to meet with Lisa and her beautiful baby girl, Kayli, in Old Sac to take some pretty, pretty baby photos. Kayli was such a good baby, and very curious too. She didn’t fuss at all while we were out at the park in Old Sac. All she wanted to do was to play with the leaves that has fallen on the ground and watched people as they walked past us. Back and forth, back and forth, her eyes went.

Meet Baby Kayli! | Old Sac, CA | Sacramento Baby & Family Photographer

Meet Baby Kayli! | Old Sac, CA | Sacramento Baby & Family Photographer

Her Mom dressed her in a striped pink top and an aqua tutu bottom. She had a cute lil’ pink bow for her fine brown hair. I photographed a few babies before but she is by far the most easy going. I just asked Lisa to pick her up, swung her around and she was all smile. I got new props to go with the kissing booth and amazingly enough, they went perfectly with her outfit. I hope you enjoy the photos.


Valentine’s Day Photos | | Sacramento Baby & Family Photographer


Look how cute and tiny her little feet are | Sacramento Baby & Family Photographer


The Kissing Booth and the Blanket that Kayli’s Auntie Gave Her | Sacramento Baby & Family Photographer


One of Mommy’s Favorite Photos | | Sacramento Baby & Family Photographer


Mommy’s Precious Little Girl | | Sacramento Baby & Family Photographer


Isn’t she the perfect advertiser for my Valentine’s Day Photoshoot?. Visit to book your session.

Sacramento-baby-photographer Sacramento-family-baby-photographer-old-sac Sacramento-family-baby-photographersacramento-family-photographer valentine-day-family-photographer

Are you overwhelmed with love yet?? Isn’t she just so, so precious?

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