2013 Year In Review- Let’s go back to the beginning!

Good morning and Merry Christmas!!!

Today I want to share with you the story of how TwoTwenty Photos got started.

My name is Tra Huynh. I am the owner, photographer and blogger behind TwoTwenty Photos. Before starting my business, I have been taking pictures for a really long time but mainly of flowers and landscapes. For my  28th birthday in February 2013, my husband gave me a Nikon DSLR. With the encouragement from friends and family along with my obsession with all of the flowers that were blooming around Sacramento, I took Maribel & Eve out for a couple shoot in March.

twotwenty photos sacramento family photographer

We got up super early and met up at 7AM for the shoot down the street from my house. The magical moment happened when I was running back to my camera bag, away from the sun, to get a mat for them to sit on. I turned around to yell something to them and saw the whole yellow flower field GLOWED behind Mari & Eve in the morning sun. It was at that moment that I knew I want every one of my pictures to look enchanting!

maribel 3

Colors became my source of inspiration. I thrive in the soft morning light and live for the late afternoon ray. 

maribel 6

Soon after that, I came up with the name “TwoTwenty Photos” which represents my birthday (2/20). It is definitely is a lot easier to spell than Tra HUYNH.

Starting a business wasn’t easy. I had to learn how to pose clients so that they don’t look awkward or “POSED”. It was also important to me that clients have fun on their photoshoots. I had to learn what my photography style is so I can keep it consistent. I realized then that what I really want to give my clients are FUN, VIBRANT and TIMELESS images for memories.

twotwenty photos 2013 portrait small

From women beauty portraits to family portraits to couple photos to maternity to engagement to wedding photos, 2013 was a great & successful first year. But I couldn’t have done it without your trust.

In 2014, I will be expanding to offer prints and custom photo books.
Another goal is to blog more consistently; at least twice a month.

Thank you so much for all of your support. With your help and continued support, 2014 is going to be even better.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!!

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