“My First Love” | The Bear Project by Tra Huynh | Sacramento Portrait Photographer

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I love photographing people and have been blessed for the opportunity to do it professionally. My main focus is on women beauty portraits, family and engagement photos.  In addition to working with clients, I usually have a side projects that I like to do as well. It is usually something fun, light-hearted, most likely inspirational and of course, whimsical. Last Spring, that special project was “The Nymph in the Wood” with Noel and the “Girl with the Maneki Neko Tattoo” with Ashley.

This time, it is called “My First Love” aka the Teddy Bear Project.

It was inspired by a picture I saw of a  young girl walking through  downtown with a large teddy bear in arms. When I first saw it, I kept asking myself, “WHY IS SHE DOING THAT?”

Great pictures tell stories, and that’s my inspiration for this Summer project. However, I won’t be the one to write it. YOU WILL!!!

I collaborated with Hanh Vu to create the series of images below. My challenge for you is to come up with a story that is most fitting. The title is “My First Love”. This is your starting point. Use your imagination. Be creative!

Here is the story:

the teddy bear projectDSC_0758rrrthe teddy bear project 1the teddy bear project 1athe teddy bear project 5the teddy bear project 2the teddy bear project 3the teddy bear project 4

polaroid- bear project 2polaroid- bear project 5 polaroid- bear project 3

TwoTwenty photos 1the teddy bear project 10 the teddy bear project 11 the teddy bear project 12


–   Write your story and submit it to me at info@twotwentyphotos.com by November 15, 2013.
–   “LIKE” TwoTwenty Photos on Facebook for all entries received will be posted on Facebook for voting from 11/16- 11/23.
–   The Winner will be announced on 11/24th.

THE WINNING STORY WILL BE POSTED to TwoTwenty Photo’s Main Welcome Page from 11/24/13 to 12/24/13.
THE WINNER will also receive a gift certificate for a 90-minute portrait session (valued at $250). This can be redeemed for a portrait session, a fun family photoshoot, a maternity session, an anniversary photoshoot or an engagement shoot.

In addition to receiving up to 35 edited images and all the high-resolution images from the session, you will also receive a 16″x20″ professional-quality print.  THE PORTRAIT SESSION MUST BE BOOKED BY DECEMBER 31, 2013 AND REDEEMED BY FEB 15, 2014.

Please submit your story to the comment box below or you can email it to me at info@twotwentyphotos.com.

Leave your comments and questions below. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing your entry.

Thank you so much!

2 thoughts on ““My First Love” | The Bear Project by Tra Huynh | Sacramento Portrait Photographer

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